The Transhumanist Model to End All Life

Oculus Rift RO

The PR shots are all smiley faces but in reality what you’ll see are slack jawed, empty expressions.

Now, the context behind what inspired this post was Oculus Rift, but really I’m looking forward in time to our being lead towards the option of having computer chips absorbed into our bodies.

Incidentally, everybody’s best friend Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook quietly acquired Oculus Rift in March 2014.

Mark Zuckerberg RO

– Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly instigated the deal. “Strategically we want to start building the next major computing platform that will come after mobile,” he said on a conference call on Tuesday night. Zuckerberg sees the acquisition as part of Facebook’s mission to build the so-called knowledge economy. “There are not many things that are candidates to be the next major computing platform,” he said. “[This acquisition is a] long-term bet on the future of computing.”

Facebook Tactics RO

Not content with selling your personal information to pharmaceutical companies that trade Viagra, your photos to marketing firms which advertise dating websites (Yeah the above picture isn’t a pop-up ad here on this blog, it’s just an example of the kind of thing the photos you upload to Facebook end up being used for) and your net activity to God knows who else, your brain pattern signature and thought patterns will eventually be on the open market too it seems.

VR Chicken RO

This is something I’ve been considering for a while now.

Because if you keep in mind the Transhumanist instruction for individuals to merge their existing biological computer with the artificial, then the next abomination to emerge from that state of mind is for those people to look at apes and think “The ape is limited. Ugly. We must assist it by plugging it into AI too.”

Bastardising the Orangutang. Then the dog. Then the fruit bat… I assume.

And where does all that end?

It might not surprise you to know that there are millions who can’t wait for this kind of thing.

Transhumanist Fools RO

… but I’m positive that those people haven’t considered these concepts to any great degree at all. I asked where all that ends, but it’s an ultimate end to most lifeforms on planet Earth in fact.

A totally mad concept that we’re being primed to rush towards.

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